What We Do

Smartex is all about secure microchips, the tiny but essential elements that have, in the last 30 years, become pervasive wherever security, privacy, authentication and encryption have been a requirement to provide a trusted communication medium.

These smart chips, comprising a family including memory-only and microprocessor units, offered in contact, contactless and dual-interface modes, are appearing not only in smart cards but also in RFID tags, smartphones, IoT nodes, wearables and many other substrates.

Smart chips may therefore be seen as a fundamental component in the fight against fraud and unauthorised access.  Being tamper-resistant and able to support encryption routines, their importance is going to increase event more as we enter the new world of online access and IoT.

Only by using secure chips can we establish the level of trust needed to transact with people that we have never met, do not know, and cannot by other means be authenticated.

It is for these reasons that Smartex has chosen to establish and operate a set of professional, educative and membership-based forums, within which the technologies, applications and use cases for smart technology can be explored, explained and debated in a non-sales, informal but highly interactive atmosphere. 

It is this unique formula that has ensured the success of the Smartex brand since 1993, not only in the UK but also across other continents and regions.

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