Mobile & Identity Forum (MIDF)

Formerly called The Near Field Club, this forum has widened its title and subject area to include smart technology-related topics within the mobile telephony domain, closely coupled with emerging Digital Identity subject matter.  It continues to be invaluable in providing members and guests with a regular opportunity to understand the how, when, where and what of NFC, BLE, and a range of other related technologies and applications, to hear from leading specialists in related fields, and to network in a pleasant and non-sales environment.  A Steering Group governs the subject matter and sessions for our quarterly MIDF meetings, which combine news, education, networking and sharing of experiences, as always within the friendly and convivial Smartex meeting style that has proved so successful since 1993.  Its current chair is Claire Maslen of Consult Hyperion.

Meeting Agendas and Dates


This Forum meets quarterly.  Meeting subjects are selected by its Steering Group.  Amongst the topics and activities that we are likely to be addressing are:

  • Innovation
    • New innovations in consumer payments
    • Is Banking as a Service going to be important, and how?
    • Is Blockchain the answer for smart payments?
    • What is Pay by Bank and how does it work?
    • Card personalisation and issuance in a mobile world
  • Regulation, the law and card schemes
    • Data protection and the various e-money regulations, and the likely impact of PSD3
    • The impact of GDPR
    • What will Brexit do for the UK payments industry?
    • AI is becoming an essential bank tool.  How will it be introduced and under what standards?
  • Competition
    • New stakeholders in the payments game: Amazon and other strategies
    • Alternative and disruptive payments
    • The impact of challenger banks and the future of the schemes
    • The future of Visa and Mastercard – will WeChat Pay, Chine Union Pay and  and AliPay usurp them?
  • Collateral sector impacts e.g. transport, e-commerce
    • The role of loyalty schemes
    • The effects of cEMV and its use for everyday applications such as public transport
    • Developments in Central & Local Government banking and payments
  • Where are we heading?
    • Technology and security trends
      • The impact of mPoS
      • Tokenisation
      • Biometrics are coming to payments: how and when?  The impact of this on the PoS
      • Security, authentication and fraud: new types of hacks and new anti-hacking solutions
      • Payment acceptance terminals: types and future
      • How will developments in quantum cryptography impact the payments industry?
    • Social trends
      • The coming invisibility of payments
      • Mobile wallets: ubiquity, universality or fragmented competition?
  • The economics of payments
    • A merchant’s view of the payment industry economic model
    • The effect of regulatory changes on the cost of payments
    • What business models will dominate in the future? Can big data mining fully subsidies the cost of providing a payment service?
    • Can payments adopt a freemium model?

 For 2019 meeting dates and agendas click here.

The MIDF steering group consists of a Smartex-nominated group of MIDF members.  The Steering Group enables member organisations to influence the focus and direction of the Forum, and to help plan meeting agendas.

Steering Group functions

  • comment on previous meeting
  • agree date and venue for next meeting
  • agree chairman for next meeting
  • agree theme for next meeting
  • agree agenda for next meeting
  • suggest presenters for next meeting

Steering Committee Members

  • Consult Hyperion
  • Deutsche Telekom (UK)
  • EE
  • Giesecke & Devrient GB
  • GSMA
  • Infineon Technologies UK
  • The Human Chain

Smartex Forums are membership-based with an in-advance membership fee structure designed to suit the entire range of interests in smart technology, biometrics, smart payments, prepaid, RFID tags, M2M and NFC, and to accommodate differing time and budgetary resources.

Comprehensive information about member services and benefits, and about Forum subjects and plans for the next year are provided in the 11 sub-sections listed below. These include details of how to join, and a membership application form.

If you have any questions or comments about membership, please don’t hesitate to contact the Smartex office on +44(0)1440 712610, or at, and we will do our best to help you.

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