International Biometric Forum (IBF)

The increasing importance of biometrics

  • Over the last 10 years, biometrics has moved into the mainstream with billions of users around the world
  • A vital tool to support secure identification and authentication across multiple verticals
  • High consumer availability:
    • Close to ubiquity for smart mobile devices
    • Increasing availability on other smart devices including:
      • Automobile
      • IoT
      • Smart cards
      • Wearables
  • Improvements in performance
  • Supports both centralized and decentralized models
  • A dominant technology to support safe, secure and convenient identification and authentication

 Touchless, safe and secure identification and authentication to support the new normal

  • COVID-19 accelerating several megatrends
    • Digital transformation
    • Touchless interfaces
    • Convenience
    • Cashless society
    • Agile Healthcare ID and continuous healthcare monitoring
  • Biometrics is supporting the new normal
  • Biometrics is the ideal tool to support safe, secure and convenient identification and authentication

Barriers to overcome

  • Privacy concerns especially with automated facial recognition (AFR)
  • Performance consistency across a range of biometric performance and accuracy metrics
  • Bias concerns especially with AI biometric technologies
  • Presentation Attack Detection – is a biometric technology able to withstand popular and merging spoof attacks?
  • Lack of global standards
  • Consumer acceptance

Whilst biometrics are becoming ubiquitous, there are huge challenges ahead to ensure their security, operational integrity, appropriate privacy and standardisation.  The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed some of the operational ways by which biometric validation is performed, notably the need to avoid physical contact with readers that are used by many people, instead using the inbuilt biometrics offered by most smartphones and soon by biometric fingerprint smart cards.  This is a thriving industry, with at least 10 main types of biometric, and a great deal of competition between the suppliers of these.


  • Education: by a combination of face-to-face and online webinars, to provide members with information relating to the technology, applications, geographic dispersion and marketplace for biometric technology.
  • Networking: creating a culture of a community of organisations and individuals sharing an interest in biometrics, through both physical and online plenary meetings, and possibly special interest groups (SIGs) or working groups (WGs) to address specific technical, operational or societal matters of common interest to members.  It is recognised that the selling community often does business with itself, and that the potential user community can embrace almost all market sectors.
  • Buying and selling: the creation of a biometric community whose members know each other and can easily communicate, provides an excellent forum for the conduct of commercial business.


  • Membership is open to all
  • Membership is corporate: a member company can send any employee to our meetings or webinars.  Each member will appoint a single main contact
  • Session speakers’ attendances will not count as member attendances
  • Current Smartex members will be eligible for discounted fees by arrangement
  • Full member terms will shortly be available on the IBF website.


2021 annual membership

  • Four plenary face-to-face meetings (incl. a 2-day ConfEx) and Four Webinars, covering:
    • Product/service announcements
    • Case studies
    • Standards, legal and regulatory matters
  • Emailed newssheet: weekly ‘BIOGRAPHICS’
  • Supplier Directory: product and service provider listings
  • Job recruitment portal: find a job or recruit staff
  • Discounted Consultancy services: independent consultancy and PM
  • Buyer/seller introductions: unrivalled network of contacts


If you are interested in joining the IBF, either for our two Webinars (plus other member services) planned for 2020, and/or for our four meetings and four Webinars (plus other member services) planned for 2021, please email Annabel Cartwright at or call +44(0)7785 254405.  Please note that Smartex members are entitled to a discount.

We very much hope to welcome you/your organisation as an IBF member.

Best wishes,

Annabel Cartwright
Managing Director, Smartex Limited

Smartex Forums are membership-based with an in-advance membership fee structure designed to suit the entire range of interests in smart technology, biometrics, smart payments, prepaid, RFID tags, M2M and NFC, and to accommodate differing time and budgetary resources.

Comprehensive information about member services and benefits, and about Forum subjects and plans for the next year are provided in the 11 sub-sections listed below. These include details of how to join, and a membership application form.

If you have any questions or comments about membership, please don’t hesitate to contact the Smartex office on +44(0)1440 712610, or at, and we will do our best to help you.

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